Harvey Boy

Harvey Boy you are almost 3! I can’t belive it where have the years gone!!!

You are loving school, and ask daily to do your work book. You have the memory of an elephant and bring up the most random things at any given moment! Your vocabulary is growing and its so fun to have conversations with you and see where your mind goes and how you process things.

You love routine like your mommy and you often recite our routine through out the day.

You are a big helper with your brothers and you love them dearly. It shows in how you treat them. always giving kisses and hugs, helping them, handing them dropped toys or cups, reminding me they need a blanket, just sitting and starring at Oliver, or asking Levi to play with you. You have your moments though where you hit or bite levi but i have never seen you exclude him when playing with friends and you never seem annoyed that he is your tail, in fact you the one usually begging him to play with you while he is annoyed and looking for personal space.

You have a passion for Jesus that remind me of me. You love him dearly, when you get hurt you dont ask for kisses but instead prayer. You ask to go to church everyday. There was one day when we had bible study in the AM and a church event in the evening & then Moms group the next morning and it blew your mind that we were going to church again!!! You carry around a little new testament with you right now. and your favorite book is Noah’s ark or your veggie tales bible.  The sweetest thing was one day when were were on our way to church and you yelled “we are on our way jesus” and hten proceeded to tell me that Jesus couldn’t hear you. I told him Jesus can always hear and  you thougt that was pretty cool.

Right now you are in love with the idea of doing Jesus favors as you call them which is giving homeless people food! You have a heart for it that is overwhelming! You loved making bags to hand out filled iwth food and soap and a picture which you drew. You even saw a lady on your own and said mommy we need to feed her and so we did. You heart for them fills daddy and I with something i can’t explain and your desire to serve in that capacity has really opened our hearts to helping you do that! I am loving seeing your respond to the spirit its such a blessing and you are only almost 3 i can’t begin to know what that is going to continue to look like! it will be amazing!

You a blessing in so many ways and you enrich my life and challange me in ways you can’t possibly understand! I love you Harvey Boy!



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