I started reading Shauna Niequists book today Bittersweet; I am 2 chapters in and already loving it very much! Right off the back I was reminded of my own bittersweet journey. A journey 2 years occuring this month.

2 years ago God pretty much pulled the rug out from under me, truthfully he pulled it out from my husband and I. He ripped everything out from under us and took us back to square one and has eversince been taking us through the journey of rebuilding the foundation and building life back up again.

The journey has been bitter, a marraige torn open to its roots, Job Losses, not enough income to cover any needs, house moves, friendships that changed, friends lost, general stresses of life.

But the journey has also been very very sweet! Babies born, Community found, New Church home, Homes near dear friends, Debt paid in full, regular date nights/rebuilding marriage.

So as the second year of this bittersweet journey passes us by we are slowly finding joy and are giving thanks to God for the journey! We are learning Joy, patience, humility, how to accept help, how to nurture relationships, the value of community.

With the bad has come the good. It has brought a new depth of faith. I have come to know God in a way i never did and its amazing, Its my story, a part of a story i never envisioned or wanted but i’ve embraced it and I am so glad i have for so many reasons!

Embrace the bittersweet, you never know how God is using it!!


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