Willing to give it up?

I’m reading the book Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, have I mentioned that? i’m really enjoying it! The chapter i’m reading right now is called Things i don’t do. Its a good one! There is a line in there that reads” It’s not hard to figure out what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.”

It struck a cord in me, really its a topic that has come up a few times in the last couple weeks about who is that I am or that I think I should be. So it inspired me to right out who i want to be and what i am willing to give up to be that person.

So here are my lists…

First who am i?

I am a child of christ, i spend time with him every day praying, counting blessings, recognizing his crazy amazing prescence in all moments of all days in all lives. I am a wife to a husband who CHOSE to marry me!! Crazy huh to think someone chose me over any other woman in the world! I am a mother to 3 amazing boys! I am to teach them, share the word with them, grow them, support them, and love them! I am a friend for me that means i am available at all times (without distance and time restrictions),I support them (reseraching needs, picking up needs), I pray for them, bring them feel goods when they are sick and I invite them into my home and feed them and love on them. I am a daughter/granddaughter/neice/cousin/sister/aunt that means i have a family to love on to support and pray for. I am a member of hte body of christ, I am to love everyone, serve the church, serve people, pray, read the bible, open my home. I am also me! That means i sew, cook, bake, read, blog, doula, travel, take photos, craft, and attempt to crochet.

So what am i willing to give up to be those things…

I am willing to give up perfection. I strive for getting the most out of the time i have and am not going to waste it trying to do everything perfectly. I give up mopping my floors every day, washing windows, and dusting fan blades. I give up my time to do me things because will frankly i love people to much to live in solitude and be a home body everyday and would rather be entertaining or spending time with friends. I give up having a TV, Cable, A house phone, expensive clothes and shoes and make up, and a lot of other luxuries including sleep (because i work from home at night part time) so that  I can be home with my kids. I give up clutter and “stuff” so that my house is a simpler place, making it easier to clean when i do clean, less overwhelming for all of us, and easier to find the things we do enjoy. I give up most processed foods and fast foods because i like the taste of real food made from scratch and because i want to be healthy enough to see my children, grand children and great grandchildren grow well into their adult hood just like my great grandparents and grandparents did for me! I give up my desire to do my own things so that i can spend holidays and the occasional sunday afternoon with my family while i still can, so that my children will get to know them, so that i can hear old family stories, so that someday i don’t wonder who my family was and what they were like. I give up my sundays and vacation days and weekday mornings that could be used running errands or relaxing so that i can be at church, bible study, learning about God, serving God, serving my church, serving the body of christ.

Next time you think i want what that mom has, i want her perfect house, her perfect children, her clothes, her whatever ask yourself what do you have and what are you willing to give up for those things. You might find that you don’t really want her perfect house or clothes or car or whatever because to have that you would have to give up something off your list of what makes you you.


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