Do you Santa?

This is the question i’ve been asking a lot this last week of other moms i’ve talked to. We don’t do Santa in our home. That is something we decided before we were even pregnant with Harvey. Not that we don’t love the magic of christmas we just didn’t want to teach our kids that christmas is about santa and what santa brings or being good to get on the good list. We wanted to teach him that we are good because we act on the spirit of God in us, that this season is about celebrating Jesus. Not that we don’t talk about Santa, we have talked about who St. Nick is and how he did what he did because he loved God, and we teach him that when someone signs a gift from Santa that is because they don’t want the credit, they are giving it out of the kindness of their heart.

Ok so here is my question for those of you who don’t do santa. How do you handle your non santa rule outside of your house? How do you handle it when the kids are out and someone asks them about Santa, or how do you teach them to act around other kids talking about Santa? This is our first year where our oldest really is acknowledging the presence of santa everywhere, and he as expressed to us its not real but he is 3, and so we are learning our way through this but could use some tips on the no santa rule.


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