Advent (December Schooling)


This month our schooling has been centered around Advent.

We are doing the Jesse tree to teach advent to Harvey. I found this great Jesse Tree ebook geared towards littles. It has been really great for Harvey and has played well into how we teach the bible as “The Big God Story”.  The big God story is a book that tells the story of the bible as one story that talks about God and what he is doing and each of the little stories is just a piece of his story. As such our old home church (which we stoped in at for their family christmas night) told the nativity story starting from creation, it was really neat! For me it was especially cool for me to see Harvey make a connection between that and our Jesse Tree learnings. (If you don’t know Jesse Tree traces the lineage of Jesus back to creation).

Along with advent we have been working a lot on letters, that is Harvey’s favorite topic right now and most of our schooling right now is centered around Harvey’s interests. (I believe at this age schooling is about encouraging his natural curisoity in day to day life) Anyway we found a great preschool pack from 1+1+1=1 . Harvey is really into Matching his letters right now i printed her christmas matching game that is just like his letter match puzzle and so we have been playing with it a lot, i think i may print & laminate it for next year.

For crafting this month i found some great ideas on Pinterest…. easy homemade dough ornaments, snow globes, and a gingerbread nativty. We have only done the ornaments so far but hopefully this weekend we can get to another.

This week I have decided we need to start focusing on Harveys memory verse at church. We learned this week that he had been putting it off and finally did it this past sunday only he refuses to tells us what it is. He did however tell us the one from CBS “Trust in the Lord, and Do good” (he was signing all day after class a couple weeks ago). Anyway so that is new on our task start working on those memory verses!

Lastly, this isn’t really schooling but we played our first game with Harvey it was Go fish, Noah’s Arc version. It was lots of fun!! and he really seemed to get the hang of it plus he loved it!!!

Other Pinterest inspired December Schooling we may touch on….

manger craft ornamentJ is for Jesussnow paintkids can write not only to Santa, but to Jesus


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