Ever feel like you have too much in your brain to hear yourself think? That is me lately…





Cardio Barre

NY Friends Adopting







Etsy Orders

Custom Orders

Tball or Multi sport

dress for “White Christmas” Party

New Years resolution

Bible Study


Dona Doula Certification


Lots and Lots on my mind, that’s my life! But here are some updates….

I submitted my Dona Application! Mailed it in the last day, they received it, now we wait 2 months to hear back!!!

I’m reading Bittersweet, and Created to be his help meet. Love them both recommend them!

Learning that really Joy, Happy marriages, Good parenting, deep faith comes from Thanksgiving. God has been teach me this the last 6 months and it’s really starting to click this week. Thanksgiving in Everything  the good, the bad, everything!!!

The Friends we made this summer who were visiting from NY to adopt a little boy, are coming back next week to adopt another!!!! go read their story Please!

Lastly I’ve been doing a 30 day challenge centered around building up my husband. Its been great! Its been really changing me. Between that and our recent service at church on Ephesians about marriage and submission God is showing me a lot. To much to go into now but I hope to get my thoughts together enough in the next couple days to share with you  all I’ve been learning.

Well that’s the update on me off i go back to my long list!


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