The call to submission is not one that teaches that men are superior to women or that we as women are to bow to their every whim and desire, but rather its a call that assures us as women its ok to follow the lead of our husband becuase he has our best interest at heart, it teaches our children obedience out of respect for our knowledge as parents, and It calls our husbands to lay their lives down on ours and our children behalves whether its their pride or itelignece that needs to lay dormat to our desires, gifts, and beliefs or their physical life which they must die to save our lives. The call to submission requires children, Women and Men to put themselves aside for the betterment of those around them.

I’ve been learning a lot these last few weeks about submission, Building up ones husband, and just in general what we as wives are called to as godly wives. Its been a real discipline that really is very counter-culture to what we are taught in the world. But i’m working on it. I am learning to submit to my marriage in a way that i have not in the past and to be honest its very freeing! It takes some of the stress out of my day actually. In learning to submit to my marriage i am also learning not criticize and instead build up my husband. This is where the real freedom has come in for me. I read a quote in the study I’m doing (“Created to be his help meet”) that reads “Its better for the job to be done poorly by your husband then to be done well by you.”

I’m gonna leave you with that because well that is where I’m resting right now. I’m not putting much thought into things past that. I’m learning how that fits into my day, how submission fits in. and well I’m resting in this place of struggling with the world and God and sitting on these thoughts right now.


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