Heart for the Homeless

Over the summer I delivered a box of food to a friend who was helping a girl through an organization who supports teen moms. I explained to Harvey that we were doing a “favor for Jesus” and that this girl had no food and so we were going to take her some. Well that little event trigged something in my little man and ever since he has a heart for those with no food. This inspired me to have him do a service project that ended up really blessing us as a family. We put together bags of food which we kept in the car for the homeless.

The boys even drew pictures which we included in each bag….

We have since handed out all the bags. The first was to a lady the very day we made them. Harvey handed it to her directly to which she replied he was an Angel baby he thought that was funny. We gave one to a man on the corner and then later that day we saw another lady to which Harvey yelled we need to give her food to! (she was standing on the corner trading stuffed animals for groceries) So for her we actually went into the store and bought a couple bags of groceries. We didn’t take the stuffed animal, we decided she could use it as payment for another bags worth of groceries from someone else. A couple weeks ago we handed out our last bag. It was to the same lady as the first time, but to me it was extra sweet to see the bag get handed out. of all the food we had handed out thus far, Harvey had either picked up on a conversation Tyler and I were having or we pointed the person out to him, but this time I was stopped at the light not even looking at the lady, and from the back seat i hear “Mom, that lady needs food, can I give her some?” I asked what lady and He said “That one!” pointing to the lady i had missed on the corner. I said sure and we circled around to give her a bag. When were done Harvey said Mom “I need to find a man to give food to!” and you know what the Lord honored him and later that day with harv asleep in the back Tyler and I stumbled upon a man in need. Sadly we had no food or cash, but we offered up the next best thing a prayer! It made me cry a bit with each bag to hear Harvey pray for these people and to see him so excited to provide them a need, but it also gave me a bit of a heart for them also, and helped me to see that even when i dont have anything to offer them i can always stop and say a prayer for them while sitting at the light.

Thank you Harvey for your Heart may you always allow the spirit to open it to those God puts before you!


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