I love you more

One night some friends were telling us how when they were first married they use to give eachother gifts with the intention of out doing each other, the idea was to prove that they loved more then the other person loved them. This gave my hubby and I an idea for a fun thing to do in our marriage. We decided to take a week and a set budget for each person and its our goal to prove that we love the other person more.

We have decided to do this during the week of valentines, besides valentines day being thrown in there at the end of the week we will be spending two days at a marriage conference, so we decided it was the perfect week for us to really focus in our marriage and how much we love each other.

I’m very excited about the week. I’ve already begun planning, i have a fun sack lunch planned for my hubby, and have been picking up a bunch of little gifts. a lot of my stuff is free which makes me really excited because i can put most if not all of my budget towards one big gift item!

Well since its all meant to be a surprise i can’t share what i’m planning until after next week. But i’m curious have you ever done this kind of thing in your marriage? Would ever consider it? if so what kind of thing would you do?


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