Joy Challenge

I read the book 1000 gifts over the summer and i fell in love, since then i have been following ann voskamp on FB and of course her blog. But i just discovered a few days ago two fun things about her and her challenge to count gifts.

The first thing i found out, She has an app called 1000gifts in which you can add photos, video, or words and it keeps track of the # gifts you have counted and records them by the date! It can be downloaded for both the iphone and a droid so check your app store! From the app you can also share your gifts via twitter, Flickr, Facebook or email. Its pretty cool and i’m loving using it! I still record mine in my journal where i started but I also love having them on my phone for when i need to look back and be reminded. Plus i only record in my journal once a week so this is a good way for me to keep track of htem daily and then transfer them, plus my phone is ALWAYS with me!

The second thing i learned she was doing which is why i first started using the app is that this year (2012) she is hosting a Joy Challenge! So every month she puts out a list of things to look for everyday. Each day you are to find 3 gifts, some days it will be 3 of the same and other days it will be 3 different items. But everyday its 3 so if you do it the whole year starting Jan 1 that would mean at the end of the year you would have just over 1000 gifts recorded! How awesome is that.  I’m a month behind but i’m ok with that i’m still doing it and by the end of the year i will have recorded at least a 1000 gifts that i can to my list which was already 1/2 way there anyway.

Here is Febuary’s list, i would encourage you to go check out her blog and FB and get her app and start recording your own gifts! and head over to


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