I Love you More

Well I love you more has come and gone and we had a blast! The final score was 28-32; I had 32! We traded off most days but some days we both had a chance to out do the other. This is how the week went…

Monday- Tyler’s Day, He surprised me after  put the baby down with a path of flowers attached to sweet notes leading my way to a candle light dinner…


Tuesday- Valentine’s day! I surprised Tyler with a bag in his truck when he drove to work, inside the bag was a gift for him to open every hour…


He left me sweet notes and gave me some new clothes i’d been wanting…


Wednesday- Both I took him to finish his tattoo and he gave me a box of my favorite candy.



thursday- My day, I surprised him with a late night bike ride to dessert…




Friday- Both of us, He planned a game night for us in the evening and i made him lunch with corny notes like i have a crush on you attached to a bottle of crush of course, or I love you beary much attached to some gummy bears. 🙂 and I gave him a deck of cards each with something on it he does to serve us.



Saturday- My day, it was also the day of our marriage conference so i planned a little photo scavanger hunt. and we ended the night at a hootenany a friend’s company was hosting.



Sunday- His day- He had a couple gifts for me and made me a sweet dinner.


Want to play yourselves? Here’s how the point system worked…

1 point for everything you did

2 points if you made something

3 points if it (Dinner/gift) was free

and to make things even more intersting all week long we each had a jar of chocolate kisses and at any given point we could use them as currency to get an actual kiss.

All in all it was a great great week! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed ourselves, I kept a sketchbook for the week documenting everything so we can look back on it in the future. We’ve decided to do this a couple times a year and i am excited about it, i got to think of a new spin for it next time. maybe zero budget or something wacky like everything has to start with the same initial as the recipients name. what do you think?

Going to do your own I love you more? If so please share i’d love to see what other people did.



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