The CW Movement- Collaborative World

Do you like Tom’s shoes? or 31 Bits? I do, i love socially concious companies out there to do good things for people who may not otherwise have an opportunity. Well I want to share a company that i love right now, a clothing company, called Collaborative world. Yes i know the owners but i’m not sharing about them because they asked me to, they don’t even know i’m doing this, i’m just sharing becuase i think they are awesome and i want you to go check them out, plus right now they are having a sale on their last line before the new line comes out.

First fill your cart with a minimun of $50 worth of clothes then put in the code 5050 and get 50% off so that $50 will be come $25 or if its $100 it would become $50, $75 would come $37.50, see where this is going?

So what is CW? They are a coprofit, they sell clothes and then 50% of their profits go to help non profits! Pretty easy, pretty cool!

Go check them out!

collaborative world


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