100 Years Old

My great-grandma celebrated her 100th birthday on the 29th of february. This is a special year its not only her 1 in every 4 year chance to actually have her birthday it was also her 100th. I think that is pretty cool! We celebrated by having a party for her, it was really special she got to see all 5 of her great-great grand children, and she got to hold my babies. She even got to joke around and play with my oldest. He’s at the age to make memories and i hope he remembers it. I know i will never forget seeing them play “MINE” over baby oliver. At the end of the night he even chilled on the couch with my great-great uncle on the couch where Harvey told him all about his iphone. 🙂

My great-grandma claims she’s gonna live to see her next actual birthday (as in the one that comes in  2016) i sure hope she does!


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