New Life Sunday

The last sunday in february our church celebrated what we called new life sunday it was full of baby dedications (13 to be exact) and baptisms (including 2 sweet boys in our preschool/elementary classes). It was a really blessed day and we were excited to dedicate all three of our boys. (for those that follow me, they have also all been baptized, this is a whole other story and has to do with our different christian backgrounds but that’s a story for another day, all i can say is we believe God recognizes both, that the bottom line is he calls us to bring the children to him [Matthew 19:14], whatever that looks like!)

As part of the baby dedication we assigned a life verse for each of our boys. For those who keep our boys in prayer but couldn’t be with us to celebrate their day these are their verses… Harvey Psalm 37:23-24, Levi Psalm 20:4-5, and Oliver Psalm 16:7-8.

Thank you lord for these precious gifts, i pray that you will also keep them in your protection! God Bless!


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