It’s a Kids Kitchen

Kinda crazy around here, not gonna lie. One of the things we experience a lot here is arguments over what cup people want to use or whose plate is whose and well to be honest it gets old. Mama’s you know what i mean! So in my ever-growing quest to simplify life i decided to simplify our kitchen. Oh what a blessing its been! We took all those horrible sippy cups, kiddy plates/bowls, mismatched Tupperware used as kid dishes and got rid of them all! and we replaced them with a more streamlined system!

To start each kid was assigned a color. We then purchased a Klean Kanteen, and Green Eats plate & bowls in matching colors. We kept some Tupperware cups we had with sippy lids for having milk or smoothies but they are immediately placed in the sink once we get up from the table where the klean kanteen’s are used all day with water.

We then replaced those mismatched and random Tupperware with some little containers purchased 20 for $10 from baby’s r us…

I’m loving these I have 40 of them. At the beginning of the week I fill them with apple sauce, yogurt, gold-fish, Cheerios, whatever food I have for the kids that week that needs to be distributed into smaller portions. We are really trying to eat more whole foods and less processed but we are also trying to cut back on the amount of pre packaged foods and so this has been a great addition along with using mason jars and other glass storage which is starting to replace the Tupperware in my pantry.

What have you done recently to streamline your kitchen? I’m looking for some new ideas.


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