Harvey 3.5

Harvey is getting so big. If you ask him he will tell you he is 3 and half. he counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 but he knows what 5 looks like its rather annoying to me but funny to everyone else. 🙂 He still loves church. He prays for boo boos and friends who are sick. and he loves order to is day. about 30 times a day he asks for an itinerary, repeats it back to me, and then says “That’ll be good” its really good. He has a name for everything for example the church we do bible study at is the playdough church and our old church is called the alligator church (not sure why). He loves going to small group he asks almost everyday! He is becoming very old, the conversations, his rational, and the way he cares for his brothers its all so impressive. And don’t get me started on him and the ipad! This kid is sooo smart!

that’s poor sweet harvey boy! He had to get two “pinches” to test is blood sugar. He’s ok but we are learning a new diet. He does try to use it to his advantage though. The day of i gave him an otter pop on the way to the dr. (the most sugary thing we had) and so now almost every day he says mommy my tummy hurts i need an otter pop. I’m not fooled i know he is fine but man is he PIT-A-FULL when he says it. Has everyone else fooled, that or guilted!

Man does he melt me!

This guy is rubbing my back and praying for it. Sooo sweet!



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