Ollie Baby- 9months

Oh my little Ollie where has the time gone? you are 9 months old already i can’t believe it! You are crazy fast at crawling and you think you can climb the stairs! you pull yourself up on furniture and you laugh the best laugh i’ve ever heard for such a little guy. only you are not so little you are in size 12 month clothes for the most part! i can’t believe how fast you are growing!




But little kid boy are you adventures! you see this picture below that little red line on your eyelid, it doesn’t look like much but boy did it sure cause a fuss! You crawled right into the corner of a chair, blood everywhere, and this mama who was home alone had no choice to call 911 becuase it wouldn’t stop and & you were to intrigued by the wash cloth to let me clean it up. Lucky for us it was just a scratch and not a puncture. & lucky for you babies heal fast it was gone in a matter of days black eye and all and no scar even left as a trace!

It might not look like much now but that little red line caused this mama a 911 call & a trip to urgent care!

Looks like its time to get another baby gate

Standing boy!

And where do you think your going?

Look at that curl 😃😍



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