Little Levi- 2yr 2 months

My little chatter box! You are so cute the way you talk, daddy’s favorite word of yours is tunnel, you love them! you like to make them with your legs for ollie, and you count the over passes on the freeway saying they are tunnels. You are potty training and doing pretty good even if daddy and I are a bit lazy at it some days. You have such a love for your brothers, espeically Harvey you have no idea what to do when he is gone! My personal favorite is when you ask to cuddle. man it just melts my heart! i also love that you call yourself ME.

Little feet in rainbows.😍

(according to you you were “reaching for jesus”)

Potty is winning! Not without tears, but this time he told me he had to go!

(Potty Prize)

Chocolate chips for the boy who pooped in the potty!

This kid may be my crazy one but man is he a sweet sleeper

Riding bikes while daddy BBQ's

Dump truck races

Cuddle time



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