Have you heard fo tis book, 7 An experimental mutiny against excess?

Go BUY it! seriously go right now don’t waste  a second, it is fantastic! and from what i have been told it will change your life, so far its changing mine i read the inro, that is a big deal for me! i read ch 1 and went back to read the intro. I hate intros why can’t you just start in ch 1? Sorry tangent! This post may be full of tangents so i’m going to apologize in advance; my brain is spinning and i’m not totally done reading ch 1.

Anyway we are reading this book in a book club i joined and i am super excited. Basically the author Jen hatmaker picked 7 things to fast from. She fasted from each item for 4 weeks (28 days to be exact). So for example the first item was food so she picked 7 foods to eat and only ate them for 7 days. Crazy huh?

So let’s take a jump here i’m sure i could tell you more about the book but like i said i’m not even done with ch 1 so you should get your own copy. I’m writting because just in the few pages i’ve read i know why God is having me read it, why i’m reading it now, and i feel convicted to take action. That being said i’m gonna blog my action! We’ll call it a mini blog series on 7!

Ok so the why’s i mentioned. Pretty much in the last few years I myself and we as a married couple have gone lean. We have cut and trimmed and purged. Some areas like clothing and “stuff” i’ve always been good at purging and donating. i just don’t see why it should take up space when someone else could benefit from it. Other areas like finances have been a long long road. But i’ve made great strides and my hubby can atest to that. So when i proposed with this book i though cool an affirmation of what i’ve done right 😉 ok so i only partially patted myself on the back, the other half of me thought God what else do you want me to get rid of we are pretty much down to nothing as it is! But then as i started reading i realized we may be pretty lean but my motivations for staying lean and getting leaner aren’t always in the right place. Sure we have no TV because we choose to spend our time doing intentional activites as a family but let’s be honest i take pride in the fact that my children don’t veg infront of TV but we do our share of veggie infront of netflix or hulu or the like, and sure we purge our closets and shelves monthly but we no longer are always giving of our stuff a lot lately has been being sold for $ to buy more stuff. That’s when I realized in this season its not about going leaner for me its about me remembering why i went lean to begin with. I did it because i felt God saying you don’t need all that you just need me and I will provide all the joy and fullfillment you desire. and Well Joy is the word i have claimed this year!

So that brings me to the action i am going to take. I have decided that after each chapter i will do the same fast as the author but for 5 days. and for those 5 days i will be prayerful and open to christ. I will let him show me the joy and the why and whatever else it is he wants me to see.

So chapter 1; Food, let’s be honest here if you know me you know i am not a food person. I’m a very very picky eater, i’m a creature of habit. Yes i love to cook and bake but i’d say about 70% of the foods i make and recipes i try i don’t actually ever taste i make them because they sound good and fun and because i think someone in my house might like them. That being said food fasts for me can’t be about giving up one food like soda or dessert because its not super painful for me. I need to actually feel hungry for it to hurt. Anyway that being said a few years ago pre married i did a 40 day food fast, and then i did another just before i got married and it was AMAZING! ever since i’ve been dieing to do another but since i’ve been pregos or nursing i can’t really go without food for 40 days. granted its not totally water alone but its not enough nutrients to provide for me and a growing baby. So i was really excited when i read how she limited herself to 7 foods. So that is what i’m doing starting monday i will be limiting myself to 7 foods til friday. i havn’t decided on the 7 yet but i am praying and i have 3 days to decide.

That being said i think when you set out to fast its important to have a prayer its what helps you get through the hunger pains. and well when i think of food i think of my husband. The man is a god i tell you! He cooks a lot of the meals in our home either because i’m working (i work from home) or because he wants to give me a break after a day of taking care of 3 littles. The man has been woken form a dead sleep in the middle of the night to get me food because i was hungry and tired and nursing a baby or prego. and he does it graciously and wonderfully. and for that i am very grateful. But again if i’m honest i’m not always a gracious wife and that is an area i’ve been really working at. so i’ve decided that for 5 days while i fast on food i will be praying for my marriage.

Ok well i guess i better go make a meal plan for the week.


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