Yes I do! I read Truth! I try to read truth every day!!! What about you? do you read truth?

I’ve been reading a lot of lately, i’m really looking for Joy this year, i have claimed it for the year and i am seaking it in all its God Glory. I joined up with some other ladies all of whom are doing an oline study together, the group is called She Reads Truth, search the hashtag on most of your social media sites and I’m sure you will find many a postings or check out the link in my side bar. Right now we are going through the surrendered life study found in the you version bible app.

I am also reading a few other books right now the mission of motherhood & Sacred Marriage. Both are amazing!!! i highly suggest you read both!!!

Sacred Marriage

(Sacred Marriage)

I also just finished reading a sweet little book called loving the little years. Another must read for any mom with littles at home, especially lots of littles. It really challenged the way i look at my kids & choose to respond to them. The thought that really challenged me….

It really made me pause and think, with 3 3 and under they often all need something at the some moment, only i’m one person and that can be overwhelming and of course they pay the price for that. Its not fair to them. They on their own would not be overwhelming. But when the baby is crying, and the 2yr old is needing something inregards to his shoes, and the 3yr old wants a drink its not fair to any of them to get in trouble, none of them is really doing anything wrong. So i’m convicted and i’m learning, remembering that each of my children is their own person with their own needs, each to young to yet understand multitasking. It is teaching me more grace towards them.

Amazing what a little bit of truth can do for you!

What truths are you reading?


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