Time In

New time in box complete with discipline books & quiet activities

So i’ve been really challenged in my discipline lately. Really working towards having more grace for my children. One thing i’ve been convicted on is that a lot of times when i am most frusterated with them is when they are just overworked and over stimulated. They need quiet and they need a break and while there are still moments when discipline is necessary we have made a slight change… instead of a time out as a discipline we are now doing what we call a time in. I myself take a time out when i am overwhelmed, i go off for a few minutes and pray or read and i want to model that for them. So we have created a time in box. The idea is that when they are not listening or are acting out or fighting rather then punish them we are helping them recognize that they need to walk away for a few minutes. So they can pick an activity out of the box and after they are done they must pray, ask for forgiveness if need by, and then go about their idea. The box includes some discipline books, some feelings books, devotional, a coloring book, magnadoodles, puzzles, a little owl that holds 3 acts of service cards (i’ll explain those in a sec), and a timer if they just want to sit quiet in their room. Some of it is geared towards them being alone, others are about sitting quiet with me, and others help them learn to focus on serving and Jesus. Its in their control!

So what are the act’s of service cards? Well in our house we don’t have chores. We have what we call acts of service. The idea comes from a book title spiritual parenting which i took a class on before Harvey was born. and Well it works for us, it reminds us that we help around the house because we want to serve our family because that is what christ calls us to do… to love and serve those around us. We have included these in the time out box because what better way to find peace then to serve christ. Serving him brings the greatest of Joys.

So to recap….

Kids need a break….. They pick 1 item form the box….. Complete said item….. Pray…… ask for forgiveness (this applies to fighting, not listening, those kinds of things)… Go about your day.

Its quick, its simple, and its a great way to help them learn and model for them the need to step back.


Do you have creative ways to discipline that aren’t the typical?


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