Summer Bucket 2012

We are off to a great start this summer with our bucket list, i’ll share soon the way we are doing the summer portion of our list. But basically we pulled the summer activites out of our Jar for the year & they are being pared up with our expectations for the day. (our jar containers our bucket list activities for the year, momentos, and photos… sorta a mini time capsule at the end of the year) (another side note our pairing idea was borrowed from a dear friend and we are grateful for her and her awesome ideas!)

Anyway back to our summer fun….

Milk N Honey- Our favorite is their strawberry shaved ice 3.75 and we split it 4 ways! and its not like no shaved ice you’ve ever had, none of that syrup icky stuff you had as a kid.

Final score 6-0. Go Angels!!!!

Let's go Angels lets go!

All church Baseball game

Some of yesterday's Disney fun

Teacup fun! #coloroutloud

Disneyland (new rides, and Cars Land)

New resturants…. have you tried this ? its called bruxie they make waffle sandwiches!

Not even 1/2 of the berries we picked today!

Blue berry picking

our 2nd annual blue berry picking trip with sweet friends.

Someone dropped asphalt on the only road in and out so we got stuck there a little while and they compensated us not that it was necesary but was much appreciated!

Trapped at the blueberry farm!

We saw a friends band play by our house….

Live music #summer2012 #bucketlist

Cupcake treat!

Followed by cupcake treats

Quelf!!!!!!!! @leslieautumn @them3ss3ng3r @bloomtanning @jessecraig

Celebrated a friend’s birthday by playing Quelf with 3 of the most fun couples we know! If you have never heard of this game go buy it, go play it, its random, it makes no sense, its nothing like you will expect and i am not going to even try to explain it go play! you won’t be sorry and you’ll add years to your life with all the laughter!

Ice cream casserole! 😍

Ice Cream casserole

Strawberry picking (we went in carlsbad it was so fun! and only $8)

That's one way to hola hoop

Hula Hoops

Working on a summer gift for friends!

But summer wouldn’t be complete unless we did something for someone else, right? so we made these little bucket list buckets for our lifegroup. inside we prompted them with 10 pre-written sticks and 10 blank to write their own, we also through in some water balloons and lemonade. We hope they are enjoying!

What fun things are you doing this summer?


On a side note did you see the eclipse back in may was it?

Eclipse 2012


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