summer 2012 -Bucket list

While summer isn’t over yet its quickly coming to a close 😦 To be honest i’m not all the day sad i prefer fall, but this summer has been lots of fun packed full of bucket list check marks, pinterest projects, and Church family fun. So much to share so i’m gonna break our summer down into 3 smaller posts so no one is photo overwhelmed. First off bucket list items!

Shaved ice, Strawberry picking, Blueberry picking….

Our new favorite treat! Strawberry shaved ice!

Not even 1/2 of the berries we picked today!

Blue berry picking

summer concert series,  Tub art, Chalk Art,

Live music #summer2012 #bucketlist

A little bath fun! #summerbucketlist2012

I❤ @31bits #coloroutloud

Chalk prints

Forgot to post this chalky butt from this morning. #summerfun2012

Family bike ride, more summer concerts, color hunt

His first bike ride. He did pretty good but hated the helmet he tried gnawing it off himself

Happy 4th of July! #nofilter #summerfun2012

Shaved ice for our summer evening! #summerfun2012


@pawnshopkings in the grass (Mariners), kids playing, great summer night! @johnsgirl2000 @jthomas79 @them3ss3ng3r #summerfun2012

Some of the colors we found on our color hunt #summerfun2012 #intentionalkidtime #homeschool

Shakespear in the park, Couple time (date nights and devotion time)

Lunch at green leaf. Yumm yumm

Devotion time with my hubby @them3ss3ng3r ❤❤❤😍😍❤❤❤🙏

Date night! I'm in heaven!!! Seriously nothing speaks my love language more then seeing live theater except maybe a picnic & live theater under the stars!

@them3ss3ng3r Shakespeare by the sea



Beach day, Fly a kite,


Super fun beach day with the Thomas & Crawford families

Harv flying his first kite. Thank you target $ section! #summerfun2012 #lategram

Summer reading program, and yes more concerts,

1) how cute is he carrying his prize bag 2) I love the book he choose he loves his bookmark 3) I'm really excited about most of the choices we made today

Another #summernightfreeconcertdate

Tyrone wells at mariners church!


Day 1 of VBS! 30ish kids makes for a fun morning!

Frisbee Golf, Brew bakers

Brunch date with my hubby! @them3ss3ng3r

He looks so old!!!

Playing frisbee golf with my hubby. The course is so pretty

Frisbee golf date! @them3ss3ng3r

Brew bakers for a snack on our day date @them3ss3ng3r

Ice cream shop, Arcade and photo booth

Oh man and still so much to do in the next month! How is your summer going?


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