Summer 2012- pinterest fun

We have been kicking through a few projects off pinterest. some more succesful then others. Besides the many art projects we have done this summer we have been inspired to make race tracks on the ground, slime, melted crayon art both by melting the crayon with a hot dryer and through a glue gun, mini explosions, pool noodle race tracks, and bouncy balls.

Race time #summerfun2012

Making slime #summerfun2012


Melted crayon art @mesarahjane

Mini explosions #summerfun2012And the left over noodle is being used as marble tracks

10 attempts to make a bouncing ball & we have 1! #pinterestidea #fail

I will note the bouncy ball was a total failure, it may look right but its not, and that was after 10 attempts! We are still looking for some more crazy things that would not only captivate my kids but some older kids hanging with us anyone have any fun suggestions?


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