Homeschool Summer School

Our School year is starting soon this year we will be doing a more formula curriculum with harv for preschool and we will be involving Levi a lot more. He is not ready yet for a lot of learning but i hope to get him excited about learning a little. Until then the summer has been full of self prompted learning time by harv. Aside from our art play dates he has requested lots of practice time in workbook, he has mastered the letter H and points it out everywhere we go along with several other letters including L and O. He still finds it funny to mix up his letters but has learned to count properly upon my request. He is doing really good with patterning, a new technique for the summer. We have also done a lot of work on building shapes and drawing actual pictures not scribbles.  And of course lots and lots of reading time!!!

Story time

Listening to books on tape this morning

Shape building



Harvey's chalk drawings

A little bugs & patterning #homeschool

I luv self directed learning! #homeschool

We have also been doing a lot of prep for the school year, top of the list was busy bag making. I’m excited to impliment these into our learning this year as for the most part this is something the kids can do on their own giving them the opportunity to practice skills and me time to either work one or one or get my own things done. 🙂

Busy bag making

Ollie's new sensory bags

Levi's newest busy bag activity I couldn't even wait til I got home to make it they are so fun!!

Well back to planning!



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