Things i want to remember

There are so many little things everyday that happen in our home that i want to hold on to, that i want to freeze and remember for all time. That’s a lot of why i blog, not to be a big time blogger or change the world, but just to have something to look back on when my children are grown and remember our day to day life.

Right now i want to freeze Oliver. He is growing to fast to quickly. weighing in at 18lbs 7 oz and measuring 28 3/4 inches. At just 10 months old he can stand on his “own balance” as Harvey calls it. i want to capture that belly laugh that only he of the three has. He’s not a cuddler like harv but he isn’t an independent soul like levi. He looks so much like harv did and yet resembles so much of levi also. I’m excited to watch him grow and learn his personality but for now can i just freeze him?

With Levi my heart swells! I dont want to freeze him as much as i want to capture him. capture that sweet delicate face as he zones out and falls asleep. i want to memorize those eyelashes!!! i can forget that ear piercing scream with great joy but i want to capture the sound of your sweet voice, the way you all after harvey, or sing songs, the way you clap your hands and should AMEN!

I think that photo pretty closely captures as much of you as I possibly can in a photo.

And Harvey i don’t want to evre forget the way it feels when you hug my arm, the way you cuddle up. i don’t want to forget how you insist on saying hi to everyone or how you tell everyone your name is “Harvey Abrams Williams” (notice the extra s on your middle name, you love middle names! you insist on knowing everyones!) I don’t want to ever forget how you ask to play eye spy everytime we get in the car or your version of eye spy. It includes naming animals that you pretend are on tops of buildings and the car. i want to always remember how you tell me you’ve loved me for 3 years and levi for 2 and ollie for 1. These are the things that make you you, that give you your own voice and i don’t ever want to forget you and your imagination and your huge heart!

No matter how hard these days are the years are short and i don’t ever want to forget the little moments that melt away and blend in!



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