So i havn’t been great about blogging my thoughts as i go through the book 7. But mostly cause i’m still processing my way through it. I’m into chapter 6 right now the spending chapter. More on that later. First let’s break down the first 5. I promise i wont be to wordy.

Chapter 1 & 2: Food and Clothes

For food i ended up doing a mini smoothie fast and for clothes i did a mini version of dress month which i did a couple years ago. Both chapters were good reminders of why we have made the choices in our home to eat whole foods and let’s processed foods. And clothing week prompted me to give the boys my large dresser and to move my stuff into a much much smaller dresser, which of course prompted on a purge of clothes for everyone!

Chapter 3: Possessions. Oh man this is the chapter that worked me!! So here is the deal the week before i started reading this chapter i downloaded an app called home library. (which i love by the way) Anyway the app is designed to better help you keep track of your home library, one of the features however tells you aproximatly how much your library is worth and let me tell you i had only touched the boys room and ours was already worth thousands of dollars. Well the two combined prompted some very extreme purging. Well see for yourselves…

Just what was purged from the garage. This doesn't include 5 boxes of stuff from the boys room. (mind you we havn't even touched our room yet)

That’s not even all of it, that’s only 1 of the 3 car loads worth of stuff i purged. and all of it is intended to a friend who is having a garage sale to raise money for her adoption. I can’t tell you how good it felt to purge so much stuff from our home. But more importantly it felt good to give the stuff we purged to someone with a face the money is helping a little girl be adopted into a family. Its all very real people, we didn’t sell it to make ourselves money and we didn’t drop it off out goodwill for some random person we put it with a face and name of someone in need. That was something that challenged me about the posessions chapter, not just the idea of purging (which i do several times a year) but the idea from a quote by Shane Claiborne that the as christians don’t know the poor because we can give through organizations like goodwill. I think that will forever change the way i donate!

Chapter 4: Media

So at book club we broke out into small groups and one of the girls commented that this is probably not a chapter that was really stretching for me as we are all about limiting media in our home. and that is something i thought about all week. After all we own 1 tv it sits in our room and is only used for my husband to play video games when kids are in bed and the occasional movie. we don’t actually  have access to television. We do however love HULU and netflix, we have an ipad which my son thinks is his, we have 2 iphones, a macbook and and a mac. and our sons have an ipod mini. So while we drasticly limit the media in our home in comparison for a household with only 2 people who can really use the media i feel that we still have a lot. I thought about what a media purge would like for me and i realized it wasn’t about limiting the media it was about using the media wisely. A quote at the end of the chapter is what prompted me to this it reads “I discovered others didn’t need me to be as wired as i thought. Most of my media time was about me.” That killed it for me. I don’t feel the need to not be wired, i love seeing what my friends are doing and for the most part its the only way i can communicate with some friends as they live far away or our schedules just don’t mix, and well phone time with small kids isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So apps like instagram and facebook these things are a blessing and i love them and I am not convicted to fast from them. But what i a convicted to do is stop and ask myself before i post is this about me or this truly something i would share if i was in a face to face, will this benefit someone? I havn’t done a total 180 but i’m working towards it. Less useless FB posts and more quaility conversation engaging posts.

Chapter 5: Waste

I am still processing what if anything God would have me take from this chapter. So far all i can think is we are probably going to come up with a better system for recycling in our home. Its not that we don’t do it its that we started being lax about it. Other than that the things she talked about in terms of buying local or second hand so that the waste upon production is lmited is something we do, we limited the usage of our 2ed car a lot! I am loving the idea of a home garden and composting but its not something we are able to do where we live, maybe when we move!

Chapter 6

This is where i am at now so i’m not really going to unpack it for you yet as i am not finished but i did have one thought that jumped into my head while reading it that stuck out in light of the recent Chik-Fil-A drama and this is it…

People all over are choosing to patron or not at places such as chick-FIL-a based purely on the religious beliefs of owners & yet everyday we as a people purchase merchandise from companies who have sketchy supplier practices paying unfair wages & in harsh conditions. (companies, mind you, who treat their employees in a manner we never tolerate for ourselves) & we do this for cheaper prices! What an impact we could make if we demanded the same social responsibility of those companies we do our food chain owners.

I’m gonna leave you there and finish my reading!


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