“7” Final thoughts

Ok i have finished it!!! I still suggest you read it! I loved it!!! So here are my final thoughts on chapter 6 and 7!

Chapter 6: Spending

So I shared my point about overwhelming support for socially concious companies. and I am still trying to figure out what that will look like for our family but i’m pretty sure we will do even more shopping with such companies and less with big chain stores. Some of the companies we love that i wanted to share are Toms, Collabrative World, 31 bits, Remnant Uganda, Roma Boots, Roozt. Jen has her own list of companies in the back of the book.

Another point made in Ch 6 which really struck me was when Jen was talking about church spendimg. She talks a lot about the over spending & how we have accustom to the feast & we avoid the fast. But she mad a great point that left me wondering why i even myself sugar coat the truth & minimize the sacrafice that i am willing to make for jesus. She said in reference to the early church “It cost believers everything. and they still came.” Crazy huh???? nothing sugar coated & called to give everything including their life & people still flocked to hear the word. & here we are generations slowly turning their backs.

Chapter 7: Stress

There wasn’t much here i didn’t already know about the importance of taking rest and sabbath. In the book Jen pauses 7 times a day to pray. I love this! I love the idea of this and I going to try doing this. I’m setting alarms in my phone to remind me ( i tried this before it didn’t work, but we will try again). She mentions a book seven sacred pauses which i plan to look into. I have been over the last couple years trying to bring scripture more into our daily routine and i think this may be helpful. I notice the more i’m in the word the better mom i am the better wife i am  the better example of christ i am.

Well that is my take on 7. Overall i really liked it, I was reminded of practices i have lost habit of and i was inspired to new ones.


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