He shows up!

Photo: Dear Jesus help me be brave. Amen -Levi boy did he answer


Levi’s promise for the year read “I cry out to the God Most hight, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. He will send help….” (Psalm 57) and let me tell you we are getting a lesson in how true these words are.

Levi is terrified of the pool. Even if you hold him he will not leave the step. I know that fear well myself and so i feel for him. But i want him to be brave i don’t want that fear to hinder him and so we decided it was more important for us that our kids would start their swim lessons at an early age to give them a chance to face and overcome their fears before they were to deep rooted in them. So since he turned 3 this past april that means swim lessons begin for him!

The first one levi sat on the step and refused to do everything. let’s say FAIL! we did not prepare him well and he was scared.

So come lesson two. I decided to pray for Levi. so right before lesson started i pulled levi aside and we prayed God would give him courage to be brave and to try to leave the step. God showed up he left the step with a death grip on his teacher and floated a little bit. the lesson eneded in tears but hey he floated!

So for the last week we have talked it up saying how brave he was, how God gave him courage, how proud we were. so on and so on.

Then today came and it was time for lesson 3. We talked about having happy hearts (proverbs 15:13) and we talked about how much courage God gave him last week. So before the lesson Levi, Harvey, and i huddled up to pray. Levi prayed “Dear Jesus help me be brave.” Harvey prayed “Dear Jesus help Levi swim.” The bible tells us when we ask he will answer (psalm 91:15), It also says “when 2 or more gather in my name there i will be” (Matthew 18:20). and My boys got a lesson in this truth. We prayed together and we called on Jesus. and our prayers were answered above and beyond!

There were no tears today only big huge cover the whole face smiles! Levi floated on his back, on his belly, did his kickers, and made ice cream scoops, and even pretended to be superman with his arms in front of him floating! he played motor boat! i can’t tell you how amazing it was to see these boys have their prayers answered and to see it down joyfully!!! AMAZING!!!

There are many teaching moments along this road of motherhood but nothing far greater then the ones where we can not only point to Jesus but watch him show up. I am so grateful for him to be along this parenting road with us and so grateful that he can do for them the things i can’t.



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