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1964771_10152800141626564_1613156538_nWelcome!!! Some of you are new and some of you have been here a while, which ever the story I’m excited your here!!! I am so excited to re-launch my site. The old blogs are up if you want them still. But i’m so excited about what’s new. Before we get into that let me introduce myself for those that are new.

My name is Sherrie and I am a mother of 4 in 5 years. My kids currently are 5, 4, 2.5, and the baby girl just turned 1! My oldest will start kinder this year at a hybrid school and I am so excited about the opportunity to homeschool him but also to have days with just the littles. My house is crazy, always crazy! There are 3 boys running around it, so please just stop and picture what that might look like in a place less then a thousand square feet and with only 1 bathroom! I love it, i promise you deep down i really do. I love the towers, and the pretend play, I love when they pause and nurture each other, and I love the overwhelming laughter that comes from the wrestling match. And if i’m being really honest I am wonderfully perfectly ok with the tears that result cause that means cuddles for mama!!!

When i’m not busy with my 4 I am sewing, or cooking, or baking. I love birth, so i became a birth doula. I love things simple and natural and I love all things vintage. If you were to come into my home my goal is that you would feel at home, comfortable to be you, that you would walk away with a full tummy and a full heart. I hope my blog leaves you feeling just the same.

So with that said, what’s new?

First: birth, I’ve included in a section for my doula clients on the site. A resource for them or any of my readers to find articles, books, ask questions, anything you could imagine birth related.

Second: DoTerra. Last year a friend introduced me to essential oils and I quickly fell in love with DoTerra. There are lots of great brands out there, but this is the brand we use in our home. If you’ve never used essential oils before you can set up a 1 on 1 web call with me or coming soon I’ll have an online course you can take at your own pace. Sign up for my mailing list for details.

Third: Resources for running your home and managing your family. Including a recipe box and baby wearing resources.


So Welcome! Take a look around. I’m happy to have you! 



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