Busy Mom? Put Pinterest to work for you!

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Are you on Pinterest? I’ll be honest it’s probably my most favorite website! If you ask my husband he’ll tell you I spend hours on it a week, and he’s probably accurate. I’ve been using it for several years and have hundreds of pins on hundreds on pins. You know how it is, you can got lost in it, It’s like the black of hole of creative inspiration. So what do you do with all the stuff you pin? Let me share with you today how I as a busy mom make Pinterest work for me rather then be a time suck.


Create Rotating Boards

I have a handful of boards I use on a regular basis. They are a rotating board with pins not only being added but also deleted on a regular basis. The point of a rotating board is to save me the time in searching for the pin that I need right this minute. I Also keep these boards towards the top of my page. I do this because if I’m out and about and I need to look at the pin for some reason it loads first.  An example of a rotating board I have is my weekly meal plan board. This board is where I pin the recipes I am going to make that week. Dinners, Breakfast, Lunch ideas, Snacks, dessert whatever it is, if I am making a recipe I found on pinterest you’ll find it here. Then on sunday night when I do meal plan for the week I move anything I cooked to a board titled We Have: cooked. This way I can find the recipe easier in the future if I want to make it again. Other rotating boards I have, current: Crafts, Current: house projects, Current: Homeschool, Current: To Do.


Create Board Series

Did you notice a theme above? While it’s great to have food board, I found for myself the more I was on Pinterest the fuller my boards got and the harder it was for me to find the pins I wanted. So I decided it would be better to break down each of my boards into smaller boards. So now instead of 1 recipe board I now have 15. The Boards cover, current meal plan, previously cooked recipes, main courses, smoothies, desserts, camping food, bread, crock-pot, breakfast, kids, snacks, and a few other diet specific one. Each board begins with the word Food: and They are grouped together. Now I don’t have to sort through a thousand pins just to find that one french toast recipe I saw 3 years ago and am now finally ready to try. Some series’ I have are, Food, Celebrate, Homeschool, Home, Art, & Vacation. Go take a glance at my Pinterest to see how I broke them out.


Organize Your Boards

When you create a new board it automatically goes to the bottom of your page. But often the new board is something you need right now. So I highly encourage you to move your boards around in an order that works for you. I often open my Pinterest to look at things when out and about, whether it’s because I need to see the ingredients for a recipe, or fabric amounts for a sewing project, So my current boards are at the top of my page, this way i don’t have to wait for all my boards to load to get the one I want. After that I have the boards I use most often, Me: Style and Me:Beauty for example because I glance through those pretty often when getting ready and I need inspiration.


Make your Boards and Pins Useful

Not a reader? Don’t have a reading board. I know sounds kinda basic, but I’m totally serious! If it’s not a pin that you are actually going to come back and look at later then don’t pin it. On the same point make a point of going through your boards on a regular basis and look through your pins. I go through my food boards weekly on sundays when I do my meal plans, I look at my book board every time I finish a book to see what to read next. If i’m planning a party I go through my celebrate boards. I make a point of reading articles I’ve pinned and often I consult my Pinterest boards before I do a google search.


Don’t Be Afraid to Delete

Our tastes change, we read articles that don’t resonate, we try recipes that didn’t suit or taste buds, so why keep those pins? Don’t be afraid to go through and clean house on your Pinterest. If something is no longer applicable to you delete the pin, it’s ok! If you really need it chances are if you do a pin search for that topic that specific pin will come up again. In cases where I don’t want to delete the pin but it’s not applicable, either cause I’ve bought the item but want the pin for later incase I need to buy it again, or a recipe I made and my want to make again I have a board series called We Have: (cooked, made, read, homeschooled) these boards I keep at the bottom of my page but at least it pulls the pins off of the boards i’m searching on a regular basis.

Now go pin away and tell your husband all about how it’s a useful tool and not a time suck! Happy Pinning!


What are some of the ways you’ve made Pinterest work for you?



1964771_10152800141626564_1613156538_nWritten by Sherrie Williams CD(DONA)

Sherrie is a wife, mother of 4 littles, a Birth doula & a Doterra wellness advocate. She found her passion for birth and mothering 5 years ago after the birth of her first son. Subsequently becoming DONA certified and began Blogging at Intentional Motherhood where she hopes to inspire other moms in the day to day of running a home, raising kids, marriage, and just being ourselves.  Find her on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.


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