There is an oil for that!

doterra-collage-300x168A couple weeks ago I posted about essential oils and I shared that in september I would be hosting a special oils class for busy moms! Well It’s time are you ready? Today is the day, just fill out the sign up form below!

Essentail oils are a great way to support your families immune system and emotional needs. They have many great uses from cleaning your home, to giving you a little mood lift, to helping fight viruses you come in contact with. There is pretty much an oil for every ailment you can tell me, well maybe not one that will magically pottery train your child, but I’ve got one to get that stinky toddler to fall asleep. 😉

I started using essential oils a year and half ago and I love them! We’ve been sick way less, my house smells better, and I’m having so much fun mixing and blending. They are so fun, I promise! So if you’re curious or skeptical I don’t care just sign up and learn more about the top 10 most popular oils and how they could work for you!

So now let’s play again you tell me in the comments section of this post, what you wish there was an oil for, and I’ll show you there is an oil for that!

What do you wish there was an oil for?



Class Sign up:


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