My Birth #2

newbornleviwilliams_3548_70sMy baby is here! he made his way into the world on monday April 5th at 5:05 PM via c-section. He was 7lbs 11oz (a whole 1.5lbs bigger than his big brother) and was 19 inches long.

It was a long day for us. We went in for our second attempt at for an external version. We arrived at 8am and around 10:30/11 they attempted to do the version. he moved just slightly so the OB used this sound thing that makes babies move, well levi heard that and he moved al right, he jumped (you could see it on my stomach) and he jumped high and landed square over my cervix (not the direction we were hoping). after that he wouldn’t budge. the OB was at a loss, nothing on the ultrasound showed any reason why he shouldn’t move. in everyone’s opinions i was the perfect candidate, so we finally all agreed he was wanting to do it in his own time and we left it at that. so the OBs left and i sat on monitors for an hour to makesure that baby didn’t go into distress which can happen with the procedure.

Levi was steady but i started contracting at a regular pattern of about 3 min apart. so they didn’t want to release me. i fought them a bit especially cause i didn’t feel like i was in labor. they checked my dialation and i was at 3. The high risk OB that did the version came back and we talked and we made a deal that i would be monitored for another hour and if i hadn’t progressed i would go home but if i had made significant cervical change than they were going to do an emergency c-section right then.

so an hour went buy i got checked and had made significant progress. So we started prepping for the c-section. It was really hard at first. i was pretty upset i did NOT want a c-section. but my hubby and i talked it through a bit and we both really felt like we had done all we could. and we had always said we do a c-section as long as we were in labor and baby had not changed position. We wanted to know that we had put our best forward for him and not just settled for the c-section out of convience. We also felt like this was the best choice because the OB kept saying things about how she really wanted us to go the birth center and have our desired birth so we really felt like she had been fighting for us also, so for her to recommend the c-section we felt like that must be what God called of us.

So they prepped me and the OB got the ok from our midwife to do the c-section herself instead of calling the normal OB that the midwife uses. She told her not a problem and so we were set.

Next we met the anesthesiologist he explained the spinal to me and how it works and all that fun stuff. He also told me that my husband wouldn’t be allowed in with me until after it was in. I freaked and said no. i am good at staying focused but this would give me a really bad anxiety attack if he wasn’t there. so he made us a deal about my hubby leaving wihout argument if something went wrong. we all agreed and so we headed off to the operating room.

I of couse started shaking in fear and my anxiety went up but the dr. kept his promise and my hubby was right where i could see him and they both kept telling me how great i was doing. within 20 min i was open and baby was out. they pulled the curtain down for me to see (i didn’t want mirrors) but even then i couldn’t see baby. they whisked him to the warmer to be suctioned and then was given directly to his daddy đŸ™‚ who held him until i was able to. i was so glad that they did that, that he was able to bond with his daddy!

when i was all done being stitched and bandaged the OB came over and talked with me. She explained that his cord was wrapped once. it was loose and she was able to slip it off, but because my placental position and the cord length and being wrapped every time he would go near to head down the cord would get tight forcing him to go back to breach so that he could breath properly. Turns out this little guy knew what he was doing, he knew he couldn’t come out the normal way and it was a blessing that he didn’t try and that he stayed stubborn.

They finished me and then i went to recovery where they laid him with me and set him and i up to nurse immediately. it was awesome and Levi did great! we were there for a few hours before being moved to our room. our parents and some friends came by to meet him. my husband had to go home to take care of Harv and so my one friend (and my back-up doula) stayed the night with me to help.

It was a blessing that first night to have her here. she helped me latch him, she stood and rocked him, changed his diaper for me helped me moved about and was just amazing support. i couldn’t even sit for the longest time but around 2am the nurse got me up and walking which felt great so i stood for a long time and from there things have gotten easier although I’m still sore and have some trouble getting up and down. i still fall asleep in the middle of conversations at different points during the day. I’m just that tired! but I feel well and i am so grateful for answered prayers even though the answers were not as I had hoped.

But God knew i would never agree to a scheduled c-section so he made it an emergency one, he allowed for the OB that i liked to perform the c-section. He gave me so much peace going in and then confirmed the reality of it being the best way for this guy when the OB explained the cord situation. It all fit like a puzzle and i am so glad for that.

well I’m off to rest and to enjoy the sweet smell of a brand new breastfeed baby. I promise I will blog the baby himself soon as well as more info on versions for anyone interested.


Originally published in 2010


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