Mary-Josephine Nouvelle

1184996_10152437638016564_429541097_nMary means wished for and Josephine means addition. Her name is fitting it means wished for addition. and that she was. For as long as I can remember i wanted a daughter. With each pregnancy I would pray and ask God if this was it, and with each he would say don’t worry Sherrie she will come but there are others first. and so I waited and then I found out i was pregnant with baby #4 and something just felt different. we did several ultrasounds and i prayed over and over and every time I’d see that sweet girl and I’d hear his voice say don’t worry Sherrie I got this I promised you and I won’t let you down. and then one night i woke up from a dead sleep woke my husband and I said I know her name. In the morning I looked up the meaning and I knew this was it.  36 weeks came and went by with excitement and with intentionality knowing she is probably our last.

on July 17th 2013 I didn’t sleep well around 6am I kept waking up every 10 minutes on the doubt for no reason, would rule over and go back to sleep after about an hour I realized how perfectly time my random wake ups were and though that’s odd I wonder if it’s early labor. I had no contractions that I could feel but I noticed a couple things that are usually the first sign of all my labors. I told my husband i didn’t know for sure but thought it best that I have a low key day, so he asked his grandma to watch the kids, we told a friend harvey wouldn’t be going to VBS with them and my husband got ready for work after all i was 36 weeks no reason to think today was the day. around 9 my body still felt off but i had no contractions (that i could feel, this is pretty normal for me) so my husband decided to wait an hour before going to work to see if we were right and i was in early labor. sure enough around 10 I had a contraction. we called my doula to get her thoughts, could it be braxton hicks or is this it. My midwife was in call she had told us that the night before and so my doula and tyler agreed it was better i went in and checked than not. Knowing me i labor to fast. so we agreed, i got in the car but not before contraction #2. #3 and #4 were in the car and all were about 8 min apart. the hospital was a 40 min drive and by the time we got to the freeway exit i said this is it i feel her head hurry up. he dropped me out front, parked the car, security waited with me and i called my doula and told her she better be on her way. contraction #5. I decided to all to Labor and delivery. contraction #6 was in the hallway.  told the nurse we were there she said wait just a minute she was finishing with someone else. contractions 7, 8, 9, all within the 7 minute wait. I was laughing between them, two grandmas were waiting int he waiting room freaking out asked my husband what baby this was it was #4. I am leaned over a chair cause i can’t sit despite the fact the nurse asked me to. I’m still laughing as i listen to the other mom she was checking in say, “this is ridiculous you need to help her not me.” nurse gets on the phone and says i’m checking someone in but this mom is in ACTIVE labor come help. nurse comes out i’m laughing she says oddly i thought someone was in active labor, “Me” I say. she looks at me strangely but says ok i walk to triage (she’s not convinced) I go in the bathroom convinced i need to go, contraction #10. I look at my husband and say no actually that’s her head. I go out as I hear my midwife come in the room and say “Hi sherrie, i thought it might be you” I get on the bed hands and knees the nurses are beginning me to sit down, i say no my midwife says just cover her with a sheet and get her to a room, “but but” they say. I scream I’m pushing. “ok” she says and roles me to a room. go ahead and do your thing. I push once, “did her water break” a nurses asked. “No” i say. push again I feel her, and then i feel my water. and the room bursts with joy. They help me to my back and then i hold my sweet baby girl who was born in her caul in less then an hour from my first active labor contraction. my doula missed it, my mom missed it, my photographer missed it. We tried really we did to have them all there but that was not her plan.


We stayed in the hospital for 3 more days as I tested positive for preclampsyia which is most likely the reason she was early. She was just over 5bs at birth and was 4 13 when we brought her home. but she was perfect and healthy and we have our girl.



Photos by Carlie of Gabriel Ryan Photography.


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