Hired help for under $10

IMG_8069How often have you as a mom thought, man I need a maid, a cook, someone to do the laundry? So often when we as christian wives read the story of the Proverbs 31 woman we can get hung up on feel jealous of all her servants. and say to ourselves she did it all because we had help. A few years ago I was challenged to view my home a little different and see the things I do have that are servants. No I don’t have a personal chef but I do have a crockpot and a bread machine which cook my food for me freeing me to the next task. I have a washing machine and dryer that launder my clothes for me, and so many other handy appliances in my house that aide my in my day to accomplish more.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite “Servants”…. My iPhone. Now I know not everyone can afford one or want one, so let me just say right now that what I use my iPhone for now I use to do by hand in paper and pen format for years. So you don’t need an electronic device to have this cheap form of hired help a pen and paper would be just as beneficial and inexpensive. If you do go that format let me suggest two of my favorite sources, Franklin and CoveyPinterest.


My iPhone is my “Office Manager”. It manages my calendar, my finances, my grocery shopping, my meal plans, keeps me on task and on schedule, really it’s my everything. So here are some of my favorite iPhone servants and how I use them:



This is standard on your iPhone. I’ve tried different calendar apps but I’ve come back to this one because it’s my favorite! I have mine and my husband’s gmail calendar synced up to it. You can set appointments to repeat however you like and you can set up multiple reminders so you don’t miss an appointment. I can set up sub calendars for the different things in our life, such as one for the kids, one for date night, one for family events. My favorite part of it is that it doesn’t matter if i’m on my phone, my lap top, my iPad, or my husband’s iPhone I can open up the calendar and I can see everything we have going on.

reminders_2x Reminders:

Another iPhone staple and again another one i tried different third party apps for before finally setting on this one. It is very user friendly & can be manipulated to your personal needs. I have my reminders synced with my husbands through iCloud and it’s great so that we can both see what the other needs to do and if we have a honey do task we can share it simply with the other. I have several lists set up for different things. We have several lists… lists 1&2 are titled our names. This is where we can put honey do tasks. I have a work list, anything I need to do for a client, or the blog, would go here. I have a personal list, things i need to do that my hubby doesn’t need to see (he has one to on his phone), I have a household list, it includes bill due dates, task like calling insurance It does not include anything cleaning related or things i do on a day to day that comes later! I have a  master camping packing list. and lastly i have our meal plan list. I use to use a separate app for this, now i track my recipes in My Fitness Pal or via my pinterest board, and then i use this list to write down the meals i want to make and I set the reminders for when I need to start the meal prep.


UnknownHome Routines:

I use this app daily! I love it because it is so simplistic you can only see today (unless your in edit mode) and I love that. It makes life so not overwhelming. I use this app to keep my day on schedule and to stay up on my cleaning. It has 3 sections… Daily routine, which i break down by morning and night. Within those checklists I include everything from make the bed, wipe the table, do daily devotion, go to gym, fold laundry, whatever my daily routine includes. Then I have a third check list called weekly tasks this includes the stuff I routinely do weekly such as take kids to the library, wipe down the kitchen, bathroom, mop, quick dust.  the next section has To Dos (you could use, but i don’t). and then the last section is for zone cleaning. You set up the zones in your house, and what needs to be cleaned in each zone. then the app each week changes the zone (based on a schedule you tell it). This allows me to deep clean one area of my house each week, which makes the cleaning feel more manageable. The two small features that I just love.. I again can sync with my husband (are you sensing a pattern here?) and that there is a 15 minute timer built in, Turn it on and go get as much stuff done in 15minutes you’d be surprised what you can do!


images-1This is my next most used app in my phone. I’ve stopped using iMail and I now have all my gmail accounts filter into this single mail app. with the swipe of a finger I can quickly delete an email or move it into a folder for future reference. If the email requires me to do something, such as it’s a reminder to bring cookies to bible study next wednesday, I can set it so it goes into a special folder and it will reappear back in my inbox at a specified time. This one app has taken my inbox from overwhelming pages full of emails to save for future reference into a manageable inbox that only has the emails I actually need to see right now. It’s amazing!!!! (on a side note if you still have tried unroll me to cut down on your subscription emails you should! you can unsubscribe to anything through it and the stuff you actually want it will give you a daily digest of!)

Unknown-2Good Budget:

If you like the envelope system but hate carrying around cash this is probably the app for you! You can link it to your bank accounts if you want. We don’t personally we just set up our envelopes, set the amount that we have budgeted in that category and then the app is synced to both our phones. Then when we are out and about and we use our debit card we log the transaction and we can each see exactly how much money is left in each “envelope” or budget category.


Buy Me a Pie: images

Again this app is linked to my husband. Rather then using a shopping list on the fridge we just put in our shopping needs right into our phone and the other can see it instantly. This is great if one of us just happens to be able to swing by the store quickly while out we don’t have to worry about not having the list. Plus you can create different lists. We have them set up for different stores such as a target list and a ralphs list. I also usually have a running list called camping so when I’m planning a camping trip I can add foods as I think of them, or if we are out and realize we need something like paper towels on the trailer then I add it and I don’t have to try and remember what are we low on.


Some other misc apps I use to manage the household or my day are:

Home Library– To manage what books we have checked out at the library, what we have in our home collection, and who has borrowed books or movies or music from us.

You Version– I usually follow a daily devotion plan in here. Currently I’m doing one from Thrive Moms.

Fertilty Friend– Ladies it’s a good one!

My Fitness pal– I track my calories, my workouts, and i can get and encourage friends.

iSitter– Baby monitor app


What are some of your favorite apps or Servants?


1964771_10152800141626564_1613156538_nWritten by Sherrie Williams CD(DONA)

Sherrie is a wife, mother of 4 littles, a Birth doula & a Doterra wellness advocate. She found her passion for birth and mothering 5 years ago after the birth of her first son. Subsequently becoming DONA certified and began Blogging at Intentional Motherhood where she hopes to inspire other moms in the day to day of running a home, raising kids, marriage, and just being ourselves.  Find her on InstagramPinterest & Facebook.


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