Are you done?

IMG_6678“So when you have 4 kids & the only girl is last you hear a lot of “are you done now that you have a girl?” Or “is this it?” & while I find those comments annoying & sometimes rude I’ve thought a lot lately about if we are done or not & I’ve been really emotional over it. In exactly 3 weeks from yesterday she will be 1 year old. & although I’ve hit this milestone 3 times before this is the first time I’ve hit it & not felt like God was tugging at my womb. There is a new peace I have when I look at our family & though God can change our course & we are ok with it if he does my heart feels full & ready to start this new phase absent of pregnancy & newborns. & yet at the same time I’m mourning the lack of baby kicks & prego belly. I miss the floppy baby & am not looking forward to the “I can’t communicate” phase. I love this sweet girl & she completed my world in ways I could & could not imagine. Her name means wished for addition by God & it is so fitting to her. The bible says children are a blessing & I feel truly blessed over & over again, so what I want the people who ask those questions to know is yes I am probably done but not cause kids are pricey or cause I got my girl but because my arms are full of little blessings & I’m ready to enjoy the ones I have as much as I can!”

When the ladies ask me in the store about my crew the first thing I always say is I love it. I do, really I do. I love my crew and I love raising them, even on the worst of the worst days. And for now I am done, may God thinks different. Maybe there is another baby in my future, or maybe there are multiple kids in my future. Kids that are biologically mine, or maybe kids I love on for another mom. I don’t know, what i do is know that for now I am ready to enter into the next season, I’m ready to invest in educating my children, I’m excited to see them grow and develop into Godly men and woman. I am excited to read chapter books instead of board books. I am excited to learn their fashion tastes, and see them grown interests that will last a life time. I am excited for a season where I can step back a little and allow them freedom to grow. I am excited to see how God works in their life and see how they draw near to him.

A large family is not for everyone; I get that; so please the next time you see the lady in the store with more kids than you can handle instead of thinking she is crazy be gracious and kind and recognize that this is her heart just as your kids are your heart. Whether you have one kid or twenty I think we can all agree we didn’t have kids because we wanted a specific gender, or because we wanted to out due the Duggars. We didn’t have kids to achieve some goal. We had kids because we love them, want to enjoy their company and they bring joy to our lives.

My encouragement to you as mom whether you are done or not is ignore the silly questions, the comments, or the looks, don’t take it personal, and just enjoy the season you are in. I know it’s cliche but as I look back and my short venture in mothering with these 4 I’m learning how true it is, the days are long but the years are short. We will blink and a new season will have begun. So stop even if it’s just for 5 minutes in your day, look at those blessings, kiss them, tell them you love them, and reflect on how they have impacted you today. Then go eat your favorite yummy dessert after you fight them to go to bed. 😉




Quoted texted originally posted on Instagram


1964771_10152800141626564_1613156538_nWritten by Sherrie Williams CD(DONA)

Sherrie is a wife, mother of 4 littles, a Birth doula & a Doterra wellness advocate. She found her passion for birth and mothering 5 years ago after the birth of her first son. Subsequently becoming DONA certified and began Blogging at Intentional Motherhood where she hopes to inspire other moms in the day to day of running a home, raising kids, marriage, and just being ourselves.  Find her on InstagramPinterest & Facebook.


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