A letter to my sweet Kinder and to any parent who will do it some day…


IMG_8769To the parent who will do this some day before you begin take the time to reflect on who they are, to spend time with them.

IMG_8760To my sweet Kinder boy, you are not a baby any more, you are a kid. and you are a fine one at that. You are loving and caring. and instead of picking out toys for you on your special day you picked out toys for your siblings. and When we asked if you wanted to go to Legoland you said No you’d rather go when your siblings could go with so instead we taught you to bowl.







To the parent who will do this someday know you are not alone whether you choke back tears, and push them down, or ball your eyes out. We have all been there done that. It tugs at our heart strings to realize those kids are growing. and It is a long day even if it is only for a few hours and even if they are use to being away from us. It’s kinder we all have fears about it. Mine was that he wouldn’t make friends, that he would be alone, and he was…. until he wasn’t.


To my sweet Kinder the first day was rough, the first week was rough, the first month was rough. You felt left out of things we did at home. You missed us dearly, but that just makes our homeschool days that much sweeter. You love homework and you love learning, and you slowly made sweet friends. Your teacher tells us your classmates love and respect you! and that is why you were chosen to be the class representative on student council. You are always in green. you help others with their work, and are a leader in getting people to clean. You take your big brother attributes with you in the classroom. and you have made the dearest of friends at school.. Lincoln, Cohen, Easton, and Gunner. You said they are your bestest friends. Easton is in TK but in your class and the others are in different grades. They are good kids and Lincoln and Cohen are in bible study with us on thursdays. you have made other friends in your class, twins, Jared, and some girls Aria, and Arela just to name a few. and This week you wanted to learn to spell Aria’s name so you could write “Harvey ❤ Aria” you even knew what that means.

To the parent who will do this someday. Be prepared to relearn all you know, and learn to simplify it. Time to think like a kid and see the world through their eyes. Don’t take for granted that CAT without a C is AT they may think it’s MAT or Dog. Hang in its frustrating I know. But pause and remember that 3 + 2 may equal 5 but 5 fingers minus 3 still gives them the same information.

To my sweet Kinder please don’t get to old to fast! I am sorry I ordered the wrong books on your weekly reader, I am sorry that you thought “Parent’s don’t make mistakes.” I’ll probably make a few more before you leave my house. But know that no matter where you are I adore you and love you and you are my sweet boy! And please be gracious with me cause you to will the parent who will do this someday.IMG_8894






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