“octopus mommy Octopus!”

that is what a heard for 24 hours! ” Octopus Mommy let’s do Octopus!” What he was asking to do was opposites! we learned about them sunday morning while washing hands and talking about how he was washing them slow and then fast. That turned into a list on sunday that was 20 long! and then Tuesday came and well when daddy asked him what’s the opposite of Wet Harvey responded “No Daddy, I don’t like those!” Well the love of opposites lasted about 48 hours and then it was gone. But That’s ok he learned 20 different ones!!! and well for 2 and half years old i must say i’m impressed!

It goes to show we are having a great start to our school year! Harv has a passion for learning that just inspires me beyond my imagination so much so that i keep having to remind myself he is just starting and i need to not get ahead of myself!

We finished up our art play dates and our review of basic preschool topics and transitioned into our preschool material for the year. We started our co-op on thursday, which was as fun as can be! Harv brought Mrs. Leslie (his teacher, and my sweet friend) an apple which he was proud to do! and the only person he was excited to see was his buddy Cade (her son) They gave eachother a huge hug when we arrived and created their own boy language during lunch after school which made us laugh. (Apparently Harvey was the only one cade was excited to see as well!)

We worked on lines, and what the letters M and D say. Harvey’s lines are looking straighter and straighter and i have to say i’m impressed. then again he asks atleast 3 times a week to do his workbook. He is starting to identify the letters A-M (he is ambitious if it were up to me we would just be working on a couple at a time).

But if you ask him his most favorite part of school all week he will tell you the bears and blocks! (both are math! a kid after my own heart!!!! They are Counting bears and Patterning blocks!)

I think its gonna be a great year!!!

Oh and this for those who want a peak is our “School wall/Art Gallery” still gonna add a few things but this is the start…. (It includes the art Gallery, a Prayer Schedule, and our memorization verse)


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