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Bad DuckyOver the holidays, children far and wide received gifts of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Recently, a number of toys have proven to be very dangerous to children, from containing small parts to being made of hazardous materials. Below is a guide to keeping your child safe with their toys, with a focus bathroom toys for children.

Sanitation:  Keep your child’s existing bath toys clean by rinsing and drying them out after each use. It is important to clean the toys with fresh water or in the dishwasher, as bath water is often a breeding ground for germs. Avoid bath toys that can absorb or harbor water. This can lead to the development of germs and mold, which can be dangerous to children. When purchasing bath toys, check all sides of the toy for holes where water can enter. A number of studies have determined that many bath toys are made with harmful chemicals and materials that aren’t safe for children, so it is important to see what your child’s toys are made of. Many toys are made with harmful chemicals like BPA, cadmium, and PVC, a very toxic type of plastic. Before you buy, inspect the tag of the toy to see what it is made of. Ideally, purchase PVC-free toys made of rubber or recycled plastic.

Safety Hazards:  Some bath toys come equipped with small parts that can become a choking hazard for children. When you purchase bath toys for your child, be sure to remove any plastic tags or labels prior to presenting your child with them. These small pieces can be sharp and hurt children, or easily be consumed. Try to opt for interactive toys, like bath paints or bath crayons, as opposed to toys that could have small or sharp parts or be made with harmful substances. Not only will this give your child the chance to create and expand on their artistic ability, but they’ll also be learning about colors! There are plenty of options for educational bath toys, such as water proof books! Finding safe bath toys that are appropriate for your child is simple when you’re equipped with the proper knowledge.

Bathroom Safety:  Of course, there are some baseline rules parents should follow when it comes to their child being in the bathroom. The most important thing is to never leave a child unattended in the bathroom, especially in the tub. Always keep an eye on what children are doing around the bathroom. Help them access things they cannot reach. Teach them how to properly use the toilet and wash their hands. Be sure to keep soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom necessities out of reach of children. Getting your soap or shampoo in their eyes can sting, and can be even more harmful if consumed accidentally. Consider storing these items in a drawer or cabinet during bath time, just to be safe.

Keep your child happy and healthy with these bathroom guidelines for families!



Will S Will loves writing for The Bath Outlet, an online retailer of luxury bathroom accessories. Will loves being able to provide a way for his customers to select and buy home and bath furnishings from the comfort of their home. When he’s not writing, you can find Will traveling and spending time with his family.


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